Frequently Asked Questions

We love being asked questions about holidaying in a motorhome and about the motorhomes themselves. However, here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

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Berths vs belts – I’m confused.
It is often the case that motorhomes can sleep more people than they have seatbelt for and vice versa. This is all about the layout. i.e. we have motorhomes we refer to as 5 berth motorhomes but can sleep 6 people. We ALWAYS tie the berth number with the number of travelling seats. It is illegal to travel in a motorhome seated sideways or in an unbelted seat.

Where can I go in my motorhome?
Pretty much anywhere you can travel to in the time you have available! On a more serious note, we do need to know if you are planning to take the motorhome away from mainland UK, so we can get the right insurance arranged.

May I take the motorhome abroad?
Yes. But please tell us when booking as we allow 2 weeks foreign travel in the package price. We DO need to know when you book so we can organise the EU cover and prepare your documentation. Travelling around England, Scotland and Wales is straightforward, but please note that Northern Ireland is considered outside the UK by our insurers.

May I book the motorhome onto a ferry?
Yes. Just let us know if you are heading out of the UK as you’ll need different insurance. You will need the length of the motorhome and the registration to book. We can issue these details at time of booking.

Is there a mileage limit?
No. However, we do ask where you are planning to go – more for our own records and security.

Do you have recommended routes?
We can certainly help with this from our own extensive knowledge and first-hand experience. We have motorhome holiday experience throughout the UK and across Europe, so please do ask for help and tips.

May I take a dog (pets) with me?
Yes, in selected motorhomes. We love small dogs that don’t moult, but need to consider future users’ needs just as much as yours. We’re also happy to discuss other small pets if you can’t bear to be parted from them and have previously dealt with requests including cats, snakes, parrots and geckos! Please chat with one of our team for more information.

I’ve never used a motorhome before. Do you run through how everything works?
Yes. We suggest you allow up to 90 minutes for the handover of the motorhome at our collection point the first time you use it. We run through all the controls features and facilities as well as take you for a quick test drive, if required, with one of our team. We also provide detailed documentation on how everything works for easy reference during your holiday. We can repeat some or all of this every time you pick the motorhome up so you are entirely happy with how things work.

What do you provide with the motorhome?
We include the essentials like toilet chemical, gas and hook-up cable to tableware, cookware and bakeware, some basic cleaning materials, tea, coffee and sugar, bedding, towels and levelling ramps. Please refer to our website for more info.

What do I need to bring with me?
Based on our own years of motorhome holidays, we’ve produced a checklist of items you might consider packing. This includes the obvious like clothes, food, wash kits and the easily forgotten such as phone charger, spare torch batteries, playing cards and sunglasses!

May I leave my car with you during my holiday?
Yes, and it’s free to do so. We have secure car parking with CCTV. We ask that you leave your keys with us for the duration of the hire. Whilst we cannot accept any liability for damage to or theft from your vehicle, we will ensure it is parked safely.

I am looking to arrive by air or rail. What do you recommend?
We would be happy to discuss this further. For example, our 
Bristol centre is just a mile from Bristol International Airport and there’s a rail network nearby, too. We offer FREE transfers to/from local airports and rail stations subject to availability. Please ask.

May I collect on a day other than a Friday?
Whilst we prefer Friday collections, you can pick up on any day during your agreed use period by arrangement with us. We will try to accommodate your needs, so please do ask.

What time can I collect?
Through most of the year we are always happy to be flexible. Our typical operating hours are from 9am to 6pm. However, during peak holiday periods such as school summer holidays and bank holiday weekends, we need to have more of a structure in place. For example, in the months of July and August we offer collection from 2pm and return by 11am. A collection time slot will be given to you, which is a 90-minute period to allow for the handover process. The collection (and return) time will be agreed with you at time of booking.

Who can drive our motorhomes? What age do I have to be to drive? I’m over 70. Can I drive?
All drivers of our motorhomes require a full UK driving licence that is clean-ish and been held for 2 years and meet our insurance criteria.

Drivers must be between 25 and 75 years and 364 days years of age. To be precise, your 76th birthday is our insurer’s cut-off date. If you celebrate your 76th birthday during your use period, your insurance will be void.

We’ll accept 3 points in the last 5 years, but any more than this will require a conversation with our insurers. We will ask you to send us your driving licence details via the DVLA website.

All our motorhomes are under 3.5t gross vehicle weight and so can be driven on a normal car licence with a category B entitlement. We need to know the names of all drivers and receive ID for each of them in advance of your trip. We also accept EU and non-EU driving licences. Please note that an increase in insurance excess applies to some non-EU countries.

Do I need a C1 licence? What is it?
To drive a motorhome over 3500kg you do need a C1 licence. However, all of our motorhomes can be driven on a standard car licence. You do not need a C1 entitlement.

I don’t have a driving licence photo card.
If you passed your driving test before 1997 it is possible that you have only a paper driving licence. This is still a valid form of ID but we will require a form of official photo ID, too. This could be your passport. If you passed your test after 1997, your paper licence is no longer valid and you should apply for a photo card licence.

I have a non-UK foreign driving licence.
This is OK. We will need a copy plus an additional form of photo ID, such as your passport and a form of address ID, such as a utility bill.

I have some points on my licence. Is this a problem?
Not necessarily. Let us know the details and we can advise. There are certain endorsements that our insurers will not cover – particularly drink driving.

I have a criminal record. Can I still join the Motorhome Holiday Share Scheme?
You must disclose all current criminal convictions in order for your insurance to be valid. We present the facts of any criminal record (past or pending) to our insurers for consideration, along with your driving history and current licence status. However, it is still possible you will be able to drive and use our motorhomes with certain criminal convictions.

I have diabetes. What is the impact?
We require you to declare any mental or physical condition, heart condition, fits or diabetes. We then inform our insurers who make the decision. The general rule of thumb is that if your condition requires you to inform DVLA and they allow you to drive, our insurers will probably do the same.

What ID do you require?
We need the following for all drivers: Photo licence ID (Copy of paper licence if pre-1997 pass)
Utility bill
Online DVLA licence check for UK drivers.

Can I buy an insurance policy for the excess?
This is often referred to as a CDW or Collision Damage Waiver. You can purchase such a policy from a number of third party insurers. We are happy to offer details on request.

Are there any extra or hidden costs?
Absolutely NOT! We believe in a pricing structure that is simple, easy to understand, inclusive and clear. There are a few items you can invest in should you choose to do so. These are entirely optional and include: additional drivers, European travel, car seat hire, late returns or early collections. Full details are available.

Do you provide a satnav?
At the present time we don’t offer satnav hire but some of our motorhomes do have satnav bult in.

What is the security deposit?
Upon collection, we charge £1000 to a debit or credit card. This is the insurance excess and is refunded to you upon safe return of the motorhome. In the event of any damage or loss we deduct the cost from your £1000 deposit. So, if you were to smash a wing mirror glass we would deduct only the cost of the replacement glass. You would not forfeit your entire £1000. Full terms and conditions apply and a copy can be sent on request or at time of booking.

May I add additional drivers?
Yes. We require ID and have the same set of questions for them as for other drivers and they MUST sign and return an additional driver agreement to be covered by our insurance. There is a cost for additional drivers – please ask for details.

No one else may drive the motorhome without our prior permission. In the event of an emergency we can facilitate short notice additional drivers with our insurer’s permission.

Do child seats fit?
Yes. Standard seatbelt are fitted in the rear with 3-point belts on forward facing seats and lap belts on rear facing seats. The 3-point belts tend to be longer to accommodate car seats. If fitting a rear facing car seat (baby seat) in the front, the passenger airbag should be disabled. This can be done in the vehicle’s computer or by the ignition key. Please ask for assistance when collecting your motorhome.

Are the speed limits the same as for a car?

Yes – all of our motorhomes are under 3050kg unladen weight.

How high and wide is the motorhome?
The height, width and length of the motorhome you use will be communicated on confirmation enabling any ferry booking to be made etc. We also state the measurements of the motorhome on the dashboard.

How many miles to the gallon will we get?
We’re often asked this. The simple answer is that the way you drive really does affect the outcome. Anything from 21mpg to 28mpg is typical. One customer achieved 34mpg and took a photo of the readout to prove it, as they were convinced we wouldn’t believe them!

Is the motorhome fitted with a tow bar?
No, we do not allow towing with our motorhomes.

Where can I stop overnight?
In Scotland, the right to roam exists entitling you to stop anywhere legal. However, throughout England and Wales this is not the case and not recommended. Many laybys and car parks are privately owned, or the parish council will not allow overnight stopping.

Please use common sense. If it feels unsafe, it probably is. We recommend using campsites in the UK or Aires on the continent. We do not recommend stopping in French motorway service stations overnight.

Can I cook whilst driving?
NO! The same rules apply in a motorhome as in a car. A passenger may choose to prepare a sandwich on the table whilst seated and belted in, but common sense prevails and we are not liable for illegal activities in our motorhomes.

When I arrive at the campsite pitch, should I drive or reverse on?
We’ve been asked this many, many times, and it really is entirely up to you, but you might consider the following: Which side does the habitation/caravan door open? (We’d suggest opening out onto the widest part of the pitch.) Which side has the best view? What is the pitch gradient? Regarding the gradient, the motorhome generally sits lower on the front axle, which means it slopes toward the cab when parked. This can be addressed with the levelling ramps we provide, but you can also offset this by taking the pitch gradient into account.

How do I reserve my pitch if I go off for the day?
This can often be a challenge when you return! Some people make a little sign or leave something of little value on the pitch indicating that it is taken. The campsite reception or wardens often manage this, but on smaller sites this isn’t the case.

May I use the motorhome without an electricity ‘hook-up’?
Yes. Our motorhomes all have heating and cooking systems that run off the integral gas. The electricity hook-up on campsites means the batteries charge, and the electrical sockets in the motorhomes work. In some motorhomes, you’ll need this if you wish to use the TV and DVD. It is possible to camp for a few days without an electricity hook-up and operate purely on the battery power. Please ask our team for more advice, if required.

How long can I stop without electricity?
This is known as ‘wild camping’. The motorhome systems are all 12v. So, if you stop without hooking up to mains 230v electricity, everything will still work EXCEPT the mains sockets. The lights, the water pump, the heating and the fridge all work without electricity. You can survive like this for several days, which is ideal if you’re at Glastonbury or exploring the wilds of Scotland!

Do the electric sockets work all the time?
As mentioned above, they work ONLY when you plug the motorhome into mains. Our most frequently asked question from holidaymakers whilst away is, “How do I get my hair straighteners to work?” It’s true! For them to work – assuming they are on a mains plug – the motorhome MUST be plugged into the campsite’s mains electricity, thus making the sockets live. We provide the cable to do this. There is no inverter to create 230v from the 12v battery. We know it’s obvious, but it’s easily forgotten! If you are planning to connect up to a house, please tell us and we will provide an adapter.

We do not recommend using generators. These can cause damage to the motorhome electrics, which will result in the loss of your deposit.

Does the motorhome have fresh water?
Yes. They all have fresh water tanks from which it is safe to drink. We regularly treat the tanks to keep them clean. Typically, a motorhome has a 120 litre fresh water tank, which equates to about 5 showers. The motorhomes also have an onboard wastewater tank for the water that leaves the sinks and shower. This can be emptied over a drain etc. We’ll explain more detail on collection.

Can I travel with fresh water on board?
Yes. Just be mindful of the additional weight. Also, if the tank is less than full, the load becomes ‘dynamic’ i.e. it moves around and could affect the vehicle’s stability on bends.

Does the motorhome have a TV?
Yes, all our motorhomes are equipped with TVs with integrated DVD players and a satellite dish on the roof.

Do you provide bedding?
Yes. And towels.

Can I drink out of the taps?
Yes, but we’d recommend using a glass. The water in our motorhomes is safe to drink and we treat the water systems regularly. However, the taste of the water will vary, depending on where you fill up. Please ensure you always fill up from a safe source of water and that it doesn’t state ’Not for Drinking’ on the tap.

Does the motorhome have cooking facilities?
Yes – all of our motorhomes are fitted with a gas hob and mains voltage microwave.

Does the motorhome have heating?
Yes, and they are toasty warm! If you are planning a winter adventure then talk to us about the best motorhome for your destination. We have had customers go skiing in -18 degrees and sit in the motorhomes in short sleeves!

Do the all motorhomes have a toilet?
Yes. And a shower. We provide the toilet chemical and explain how to use them. It is very simple.

May I take my bikes?
Yes, of course. All our motorhomes have either bike racks or a garage in which you can store your bikes safely.

How does fridge work when we are travelling?
The fridges work on gas, 12v from the engine alternator and mains. Often the fridge will automatically choose the power source available. We will issue training as part of the handover and instructions in written form are also provided.

Do you provide awnings/sun canopies?
Yes but they are very easily damaged in the event of being left unattended in wind. This results in your £1000 security deposit being deducted or lost in full and the next sharer having their holiday affected due to damage.

When I return the motorhome do we need to fill up with diesel?
Yes, please. We give you the motorhome with a full tank of diesel and we ask you return it full. If you’re unable to do this, we’ll need to make a charge for filling up and for the fuel.

What happens if I break down?
We provide comprehensive breakdown cover for the UK and Europe. This cover ensures that you have roadside repair and relay to a garage, or can be brought home from anywhere in the UK or Europe.

What if I lose the keys?
Call us immediately! We’ll make sure you get replacement keys as soon as possible. Please note: there is a charge for lost keys.

What if I have an accident?
In the unfortunate event of an accident you should call us and we’ll discuss the process. We can recover the motorhome anywhere in Europe and bring it back to the UK. Please note: accidents will result in the loss of, or a deduction from, your security deposit. You will be charged only for the cost of the repair.

When do I get my security deposit back?
Upon the safe return of the motorhome, and assuming all the contents are still in place and the vehicle is clean and undamaged. If all is in order, your deposit will be returned within 48 hours. It may take a few days to reach your bank, but we’ll email you once the deposit has been refunded.

What is the Privilege Club?
All our motorhomes are members of the Camping and Caravanning Club. This is known as the Privilege Scheme. It entitles the motorhome user to use any Club Site or Forest Holiday Site without the need to buy membership. Campsite pitch fees do still apply, but at member rates, which are often discounted. For full details of the offering from the scheme go to:

Where do I book my campsite?
There are lots of websites that facilitate this such as Or just Google the area.

How much are pitch fees?
It really depends on what sort of campsite and the time of year. A remote farm site with few facilities will be cheaper than a holiday camp type of site near a beach with club, bar and swimming pool. Typically, smaller sites are anything from £10 to £20 per night whilst bigger sites are up to £100 per night. We suggest budgeting around £35 in the summer. On the continent there are lots of locations known as ‘Aires’ where you can stay. You’ll find plenty of Aires guidebooks on Amazon.

Any other questions? Just email us.