Motorhome Timeshare

MotorhomeShare offers huge flexibility

MotorhomeShare is here and offers holiday makers looking for the freedom of a motorhome the chance to have motorhome holidays for five weeks every year for three years – but without the costs and hassle of ownership.

But is this like Timeshare?

Timeshare has had a bad reputation for some time with many customers of various schemes getting caught up in long, expensive contracts that are hard to exit, difficult to sell and expensive to own. Some even refer to them as ‘a disease I cannot get rid of!’

MotorhomeShare is different.

Unlike Timeshare or fractional ownership schemes, there are no annual admin fees, regular maintenance charges or exit fees. In fact, none at all – the pricing is fixed at the beginning and is completely transparent.

MotorhomeShare can be purchased for one upfront fee or a lower initial payment, followed by 35 monthly payments starting at just £199 per month. Glen Maxwell-Heron, co-founder of the company behind this ‘new’ idea said, “We want to make motorhome holidays affordable for the many. New motorhomes are getting increasingly expensive in the current economic climate. MotorhomeShare means that a new motorhome is within the reach of those without £60,000+ to spend or just can’t see the logic in having that much money sat on the drive for 48 weeks of the year, depreciating!

Our flexible payment options are appealing to those who want the option to opt out partway through the three year term. If for whatever reason you decide to stop holidaying with MotorhomeShare just stop the monthly payment to exit. Thats it. No fees, no questions and no catches. Simple!”

The scheme was launched in late 2017 and has been hailed a revolution by leading motorhome industry commentators.

The BBC recently posted a log article on the bad experiences some have had with traditional timeshare.
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Flexible holidays without the costs and hassle of ownership are the way forward!