What is it?

Very simply, MotorhomeShare membership offers you access to a fleet of luxury motorhomes that you can use when you want during the year - without you having to buy a motorhome.  We deal with all the hassle of storing it, servicing it, etc for you, so all you have to do is hang up your coat and turn the key to go on holiday. We have different membership levels starting with around 3 weeks holiday per year, each year for 3 years.

You can pay a one-off fee or have the option to pay over the entire period to take on of our fully equipped, luxury motorhomes away for adventures in the UK or Western Europe - your imagination is the only limitation!

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Here is one of our beautiful and flexible little van conversions, perfect for that romantic getaway and an example of what you could go away in.
How does it work?

However you choose to pay, you are a MotorhomeShare member. Each year, every member is given a pool of points that they can use to take a motorhome away during their membership year. Membership lasts for 3 years although we hope you will stay with us for far longer! We give each member enough points so they can go away for around three weeks: if you go away more in the summer, you will get slightly less time away. Or if you want to go away in the winter, you will get more time away. We call this level Bronze Membership.

As you might expect, we also offer Silver and Gold membership levels too.  Additional points can also be purchased meaning longer adventures are always a possibility.

You can choose how you spend your points: you can use them to have one massive adventure, or you can use them for some long weekends away. It is completely up to you!

It’s far more economical than paying for separate holidays when you want them and far less stressful than buying your own motorhome because we take care of all the servicing, cleaning, storage and insurance etc. We even supply it with freshly laundered bedding so that you can arrive with your own essentials and hit the road. No fuss, no bother. And because you pay a small amount each month, it feels like having many cheap holidays.

What does it cost?

Motorhome holidays have never been so affordable.

With MotorhomeShare, you no longer need to consider the full purchase price of a motorhome. Or the finance interest, insurance, road tax, habitation checks, cab servicing, storage or any other necessary ownership costs.

Unlike traditional holiday timeshare schemes, we don’t charge you an annual service or administration fee, we don’t stipulate a ten-year commitment from you, we don't lock you in to a particular two week period each year, we don't lock you in to a particular motorhome - or even a particular type of motorhome - AND you are free to leave the scheme whenever you like, with no exit penalties/charges.

We’ve made it as straightforward as possible and request that you commit to just three years though, naturally, we think you’ll want to stay for longer.

As for what it will actually cost you, our prices are set by the number of points that you buy for each year of your membership.  We have three different grades of membership that all have different numbers of points allocated to them. Bronze, Silver and Gold.  This means that you can use all the vehicles in our fleet, whatever your grade of membership, and the only thing that changes is the amount of time you can use the motorhome for.

If you are not going to use all your points in your membership year, we are very happy for you to share them amongst friends and family - or you could even join the scheme as a syndicate; perhaps you and another couple could share membership?  We just need to know who is going to be using the motorhome in advance so we can sort out the insurance.

Likewise, if you have an ambitious adventure planned but you are a few points short in the membership year, we can sell you some more so you can have your dream holiday!

We operate a "No Surprises" policy so will be completely up front about any charges - we don't hide behind small print.

Oh, and we only buy brand new, unused motorhomes. So your cash buys you around fifteen weeks touring Western Europe in a £55,000+ motorhome spread over three years. You are free to go wherever you want.

Is this just a timeshare?

No, because you are not tied to a particular vehicle or a particular time period. And as we have pointed out above, we don't charge a number of the fees that a timeshare scheme would need to to satisfy the regulators.

MotorhomeShare doesn’t restrict you to one location or one view of the horizon time after time after time after… In fact, it doesn’t even tie you to one country because our motorhomes are as happy driving through Europe as they are on road-trips across the UK. So instead of being commited to one apartment in a Spanish town that you’re bored of after the second visit, you can spread your time across the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria…

All we have done is take an established business model used by supercar clubs, such as AutoVivendi who have a fleet of vehicles worth approximately £5M, and brought it to the motorhoming world so you can take a vehicle away whenever you like until you have used your points for the year. And if you do run out, we can sell you more!

Just fill the motorhome with diesel and kick-start your imagination.


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