Motorhome Holiday Share Scheme

What is it?

Very simply, our Motorhome Holiday Share Scheme offers you fifteen weeks of motorhome adventures spread across three years - without you having to buy a motorhome.

You can pay a one-off fee or have the option to pay over the entire period to take the same motorhome away up to fifteen times.

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How does it work?

However you choose to pay, you share a motorhome. Each year for three years, every sharer may take their motorhome away for two weeks in high season, two weeks in mid season and one week in low season. That way, all sharers benefit from the spring blooms, the summer sun, the autumnal colours and the crisp, frosty beauty of winter.

It’s far more economical than paying for separate holidays when you want them and far less stressful than buying your own motorhome, because we take care of all the servicing, cleaning, storage and insurance etc. We even supply it with freshly laundered bedding so that you can arrive with your own essentials and hit the road. No fuss, no bother. And because you pay a small amount each month, it feels like having fourteen cheap holidays.

What does it cost?

Motorhome holidays have never been so affordable.

With Belmont Leisure, you no longer need to consider the full purchase price of a motorhome. Or the finance interest, insurance, road tax, habitation check or any other necessary ownership costs.

Unlike traditional holiday timeshare schemes, we don’t charge you an annual service or administration fee and we don’t stipulate a ten-year commitment from you. 

We’ve made it as straightforward as possible and request that you commit to just three years though, naturally, we think you’ll want to stay for longer.

As for what it will actually cost you, our prices can vary at the time of launch and are linked to the purchase price of the model available. We publish the full details at the launch of an available motorhome and then we fix them for the duration of your three-year commitment.

Oh, and we only buy brand new, unused motorhomes. So your cash buys you fifteen weeks touring Europe in a £55,000+ motorhome. You are free to go wherever you want.

Isn't this just a timeshare?

Yes and no. That’s an easy way to understand it, but this is timeshare on wheels, and some! Our Motorhome Holiday Share Scheme doesn’t restrict you to one location or one view of the horizon time after time after time after…

In fact, it doesn’t even tie you to one country because our motorhomes are as happy driving through Europe as they are on road-trips across the UK. So instead of being tied to one apartment in a Spanish town that you’re bored of after the second visit, you can spread your fifteen weeks across the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria…

Just fill the motorhome with diesel and kick-start your imagination.

Motorhome Holiday Share Scheme

Affordable Motorhome Holidays Made Simple

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